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Jaguar profile: Rashad Jennings

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: Iím originally born and raised in Forrest, Virginia. Itís pretty much self explanatory, Iím from Forrest, itís the country, Iím a hometown boy, born and raised.

Q: What do you miss most about home?

A: Family, I miss family, Iím a family guy. With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas coming up thatís one of the biggest things and the curvy road, seeing the deer in the road, the cows, and walking around, the horses, the whole atmosphere.

Q: Brothers, sisters?

A: Yeah, I have two older brothers, which they both are married, happily, they have a nice family and my uncle, two parents, two loving parents.

Q: You like to play guitar, what type of guitar do you play?

A: Acoustic, 100% acoustic.

Q: What do you like playing?

A: I just like playing chords, playing different songs together. People I like to listen to who I think are phenomenal with the guitar, John Mayer, heís one of my favorites. I like Dave Mathews, list goes on and on, I listen to a lot of different people. I just like the guitar, it just sound good. I like any live music.

Q: Have you made it to any concerts yet?

A: I havenít made it to any yet, I just missed Toby Keith that came through not too long ago, couldnít catch it. I love live music.

Q: Whenís your concert coming up?

A: (laughs) I donít know, I got to get the rest of the band, Montell plays trumpet, another guy plays the drums.

Q: The Offseason Jaguar band?

A: Exactly!

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: Everything, I just finished downloading some Christmas Carols from Frankie Sinatra and Michael Buble. I listen to everything, rap, r&b, everything.

Q: Whatís your pre-game playlist?

A: Something to get me into the mood a little bit. Get the blood flowing a little bit, usually, always listen to some gospel.

Q: Any other sports you like playing?

A: I love playing basketball. Basketball, basketball, basketball. It was my first love, you just get a ball and get out there and play, you donít need a whole lot of people. Tennis, Iím going to pick up golf here soon. Anything thatís competitive, Iím there.

Q: Can you dunk?

A: Yeah, me and Quentin (Groves) went to Play 60 and I dunked.

Q: How can fans get in touch with you?

A: On twitter (@RashadJennings). Fan mail, I take my time and write back. I think of things that I wish some people would have done for me. Donít want to give something back generic. You have a chance to influence somebodyís life. You never know.

Q: Who was your influence?

A: When I was growing up, my brothers, I looked up to them tremendously. One of the things that people always say, who do you inspire to be like, I always say that Iím trying to be ďthat guyĒ that I can look in the mirror years down that road and say, ďthatís the guy Iíve been trying to be.Ē

Q: What kind of personality are you in the locker room?

A: Chill. Sit back, relax, observe everything, smile, laugh, little clown, we have fun over here laughing.

Q: Any pranks?

A: Still in the rookie stage, theyíre coming.

Q: Who gave you your rookie haircut?

A: That man over there (Clint Ingram) hooked me up (laughs). Gave me an olí George Jefferson lookin, it was hysterical.

Q: What did your mom say?

A: Ahhh look at my baby! What are they doing? I said, Iím alright ma.

Q: What is the last movie you watched?

A: It was on a plane, wow, I canít remember.

Q: Favorite type of movie?

A: I like action. I like something thatís going to get me to think. Last one we had a big argument about with some of my friends, we like to get together, watch the same movie, talk about what we got out of it. Hancock. We debated about it for days like what was it about? Was it love, was it hate? What did you see spiritually in it? We did that for a long time.

Q: Girlfriend?

A: My girlfriend, she lives in Virginia and Iím here so, we have dinner and movie dates on the phone (laughs), weíll catch a movie at the same time in the theatre, we talk about it later. Weíll set up a dinner at the same place, different state, same time. Hey you have to do something.

Q: What type of food do you like?

A: Iím fond of sushi, chicken, lasagna, Iím a healthy eater.

Q: Whatís your favorite sushi place in town?

A: Saki House in Riverside. Iím over there so much Iím a regular.

Q: Hobbies, what do you do in your downtime?

A: Iím writing a book, weíre all products of what we know, giving my little life story about what Iíve seen, interacting with people, and things Iíve got out of it, just my lifestyle. Other things, just hanging out, joking, laughing. I love to laugh. Iím going to find humor in everything. Thatís just me.

Q: Is there something that most people donít know about you?

A: (pause) Iím a sucker for fresh baked cookies, if itís fresh out of the oven, you got me. I canít say no. Other than that I donít eat any sweets. Iím an easy going guy, Iím your regular Joe Blow by far.

Q: Is there a part of town that you like to hang out in?

A: I went to the Comedy Zone and I liked that.

Thanks Rashad for spending time on your off-day with us and for a great photo shoot. You definitely had a fantastic rookie year which I?m sure will be followed by an even better season in 2010.

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